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Client Review: “Justin Cofer is an amazing realtor! He’s organized, super efficient, and a joy to work with. I can’t recommend him highly enough, but I’ll try.

My husband and I were first time home buyers, and one of the reasons I chose to rent for so long is that I was dreading the whole process. But I was incredibly fortunate. I had been looking through home ads for about a year after getting my position, trying to get a good idea of what’s available in my small university town in Washington. In January, when I wasn’t really actively searching, I saw an ad for a house that posted that day. I loved it! I had no idea how house buying worked, but I texted the realtor listed to express interest that evening. I thought, why not? We had two months before we needed to tell our landlady if we were staying another year or not, so I wanted to browse a little. The next morning, I received some friendly texts from Justin and I called him. He got us a showing for that afternoon! We met, and we loved Justin & the house, but who buys the 1st house they see? Though I think he knew what a treasure we stumbled on, Justin took us to the 4 or 5 other houses we were somewhat interested in.

He’s great at this! He is not pushy and he doesn’t make you feel as though you’re a pest for asking 1,000 questions, even though I had many, but you have his full attention. Justin really seems to have a passion for this work, and he is a font of knowledge about our town, the entire area, what’s been on the market, how each house compares to the next—we never asked him a question he didn’t know the answer to. Plus, we were completely in the dark about the entire process, but he was so patient! Really, I still can’t believe how we lucked out.

After looking for less than 24 hours, we told him we wanted to make an offer on that first house. And this was on a Saturday! Justin met with us around 5:00 pm and he had come up with this amazing offer. (Before we met with him, he put us in touch with one mortgage company, and that turned out brilliantly, too! He knows all the best people for the entire house buying journey, because we’ve had fantastic experiences with each professional he recommended. He clearly knows every aspect of the business.)

Justin even asked for the seller to leave the appliances and to take a small amount off the closing costs. I wouldn’t have known this was even done—I thought we would have to buy all our appliances along with our first home. Having an experienced, knowledgeable realtor on your side is a definite plus!

Justin gave the owner 24 hours to give us an answer (so speedy!) and we learned that Sunday that we were buying our dream home! Because Justin was so organized and so on top of things, we got the house. I learned later there were other interested parties, but “you snooze, you lose.”

We owe everything to Justin, because in a dizzying short span of time, he answered my initial inquiry, got us a showing, showed us other houses so we wouldn’t feel as if we were missing out, made an offer that benefited us, and then after the seller accepted our offer, Justin helped us each step of the way. We went with the lender he suggested, and the house inspector (great experience), and a local insurance agency (lovely agent—we even switched our car insurance). Basically, Justin is a fantastic realtor and he seems to know everybody in the home buying industry.

Last week, Justin met with us for the closing at the title business (and we were thrilled to see him, as it had been a while), and the next day he met us at the house for a walk-through. I can’t believe even right now how easy and painless Justin made the whole process. He’s a consummate professional.

Whether you’re a first time home buyer like we were, or you’ve done this 5 times, I can’t imagine you’ll find a better realtor than Justin Cofer.”

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